Online shopping for the mindful consumer

Integrate sustainability metrics seamlessly into your eCommerce experience.

The rise of eco-shopping

Retail is changing. Consumers are demanding transparency and are taking the planet into the account when shopping.


Nearly 83% of consumers say they take the enviroment into consideration when making purchases.


78% of consumers said companies could be doing more to clearly explain the environmental impacts of their products.


At least 66% of consumers across major European markets believe that carbon labelling on products is a good idea.

see your ecological impact

Meet consumer demand for transparency with an enriched digital experience 

Online channel sales have skyrocketed due to COVID-19 and this trend is here to stay. Mondra delivers a unique online experience that integrates seamlessly into your existing pages and puts you leagues ahead of your competition.

mprove your performance

More than just an online label

Gain an unprecedented insight into your product’s environmental impact based on primary data. Inspire your shoppers to take planet-positive action that benefits your bottom-line results.  

Integration features include:

Reduce the basket's impact

Point your shoppers to ‘greener’ product options on your website

Highlight your eco-performance

Compare your product’s impact metrics to UK supermarket averages and surface your wins

Connect with your shoppers

Send out personalised impact insights to consumers following their purchase with planet-positive tips and advice

see your ecological impact

Measure financial returns, see what works, scale across the business

Finally, sustainability initiative that feeds into your profits. We partner with you to track and analyse how Mondra is improving your financial performance. By offering our data-analytics expertise, we help you define your KPIs and set measurable goals to indicate success.

We can help you with:

Setting up A/B tests
Carrying out analytics
Gathering feedback

How it works

Every stage of your journey with Mondra provides information and insight that you can act on to see an increase in planet-positive profits.

Measure your impact

No more guesswork. We gather data directly from your supply chains and provide you with credible insight that you can act on and communicate with confidence.


Assess your performance

Our platform allows you to make sense of complex impact data, understand your impact hotspots and start acting to improve them.

Get eco-impact certified

Our Oxford research-based methodology provides an unprecedented level of insight into your eco-performance, all with just a single label.


Tell the world

Once you are ready, we provide you with API features to integrate into your online experience and start telling the world about your environmental wins!

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