Saving the planet, one shopping basket at a time

With Mondra label, you can choose products that are good for the planet every time you shop.

Informed choices

Discover the true impact

It is a little known fact that most of the impact of the food you buy sits deep in its supply chains. Mondra’s label surfaces the full ‘farm to fork’ eco-impacts of a product including carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, water usage and water pollution. We fold these metrics into a familiar A*-G grade so that you can readily choose and buy products that align with what you care about.

Shape the future

Be part of the climate change solution

The products you buy every day have an impact. Mondra offers you the necessary information to know exactly how well you are doing by choosing one product over another. Ultimately, your planet-positive choices drive businesses to make planet-positive changes, which lead to a better world for all of us.

No more greenwashing

Sustainability claims you can trust

In a world where greenwashing is so widespread, you can be certain that all products with a Mondra label have undergone a rigorous assessment that is backed by leading science. Because real positive change needs a strong and credible foundation.

be the champion

Being a planet champion has never been easier

In your local supermarket or online – our labels can help you make planet-positive purchases no matter where you shop.


Simple and visual label so that you can learn about a product’s impact within seconds of looking at it.

See how it works


Shopping online will never be the same. Our engaging website experiences will inspire you to help the planet.

Check out Mondra certified products

More and more brands are using Mondra as a way to share the eco-performance of their products with shoppers. Have a look at all the pioneering brands that we are working with!

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