Working together to achieve Net Zero in food retail

Meet the consumer demand for transparency and accelerate your path to carbon neutrality.

see your ecological impact

Understand the biggest source of your impact 

Approximately 90% of a retailer’s environmental impact is embedded in its supply chains. Mondra provides these organisations with a deep insight into their value chains at a product level, identifying opportunity hotspots and laying the foundation for a data-driven decarbonization programme that facilitates improvement across the entirety of your supply chains.

improve your impact

Enable improvement across your value chain

Because reducing your upstream and downstream supply chain impacts is a shared responsibility.

Showcase your performance

Pioneer the way and reap the benefit

With Mondra, improved sustainability and better financial outcomes go hand in hand.

Own brand

Measure, improve and communicate the performance of your own brand products and leap ahead of your competition. No more generic ‘sustainability’ claims - a clear and credible score based on years of academic research.

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Meet customer demand for transparency with an enriched digital experience that will delight your users. By integrating sustainability metrics and information seamlessly into your website, we help you stand out from the competition and win your customers’ hearts.

How it works

PR & Marketing

Mondra offers full support in designing and launching bespoke PR and marketing campaigns to ensure that you reap the full benefit from your pioneering initiative.

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Calling all pioneers!

Mondra is a novel technology unlike any other sustainability solution on the market, and we are running an early adopter promotion to build long-lasting partnerships with progressive food retail businesses.

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